My husband was feeling sick and his eyes looked turquoise, i tried to capture it, and not change the color in post processing, but obviously my cameras color was off or his skin wouldn’t have been so red… but they really were turquoise!!

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  1. I hope he feels better now! You can feel the fever in his eye!

  2. that’s a wonderful capture….nice perspective!

  3. Nice close up on the eye, love the dreamy effect.

  4. he looks pink and feverish.i hope he feels better very soon!

  5. je te vois !

  6. Gorgeous eyes – whatever the actual color was. Am amazed that he lets you get so close-up with your camera!!!

  7. the first once that you show us his eyes, normally he sleeps always ;)I hope it goes better.

  8. No chance for me! The donkey eyes are brown… so brown!His eyes are like two oceans!

  9. What a nice man your hubby is to let you stick a camera in his face when he is not feeling well. Cool shot!!

  10. envie de dire la même chose que pour votre photo précédente :histoire d’amour, confiance et belle complicité dans ce regard là Elaine

  11. you’ve at least captured the blue part of it. it is a nice closeup indeed. oh yeah, I have changed my domain address elaine. so updating your feed will be vastly appreciated. =]

  12. well, at least it’s still the weekend, he has some time to recover.. 🙂 cool capture.. 🙂

  13. Good attempt! Machines are never perfect! Our eyes are still far more superior. Have a wonderful thanksgiving Elaine!

  14. I trust you, Woman. 😀

  15. Well hopefully he feels better now, turquoise eyes or not.

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