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  1. Off the hizzle fo’ shizzle! I love what you’ve done to this truck, the colors are psychedelic and the reflections fascinating. Overall, quite surreal..-= SD (Aspherical)´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>holiday inn express two =-.

  2. It looks like a delicious candy cane, Elaine. :).-= Ginnie´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Goede Maandagmorgen =-.

  3. Love the pink glow on the truck!.-= Zing´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>I Dream Of Wildflowers =-.

  4. i dunno. i don’t like trucks. i don’t like driving next to them. i don’t like parking by them. my next door neighbor has a truck. he told me i could drive it, if i wanted to. i said no those red, blue and yellow colors in your photo strike an emotional chord in me. they tell me to stay away from the kenwo. far far away..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s Naughty List =-.

  5. Dazzling color. Love the almost-neon glow!!!.-= Marcie´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Sorriatore di Bicchiere =-.

  6. Stunning colors and point of view !! Huge and sweet, delicious contrast..-= Aurore´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Winter light =-.

  7. Ken, who… met Barbie, loved Pinkish Life, and so do we ! ;)).-= k@´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Apprivoiser la solitude, en douceur(s) =-.

  8. Veri nice colors and reflexions here, Elaine :-)( I haven’t been commenting much, here and everythere, for I am very busy right now with school, work and the kids…, but I keep visit every little while :-).-= Mario Jean [MADOC PHOTO]´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”> =-.

  9. mmmmm like a candy 🙂 and a delicious framing !have a nice day.-= Jean-Luc´s last blog ..<a href="–41073912.html“ rel=”nofollow”>Toutes les larmes de la terre… =-.

  10. Very psychedelic … I’m showing my age:-).-= sherri´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>simple request, simple solution =-.

  11. This is such a cool shot and I like the processing. Colours and reflections make this seem so dreamlike. Nice!.-= bluechameleon´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>1195 robson =-.

  12. wow … what a big lollypop … I wouldn’t dream of such a truck! … as usual excellent processing!.-= walter´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>football hooligan =-.

  13. What a cool pinky truck.-= BoB´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>The Light Behind =-.

  14. Yes… a big ice cream for the donkey!

  15. quel festival de couleurs !.-= Marie´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>A chacun sa palette =-.

  16. fantastic colors and compo.-= yiannis krikis´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>thessaloniki 2/5 =-.

  17. couleurs de bonbons acidulés c’est superbe ! j’aime beaucoup beaucoup.-= veronique´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Vert Olive … =-.

  18. kick ass colors!.-= faisal´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>ACTV Venezia =-.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bright pink truck on the highway before..-= hoi´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Completely Natural =-.

  20. regardless of the color, if the driver is a burly redneck, i wouldn’t want to mess with him.. 😀 great capture.. :).-= rian´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>bar =-.

  21. Wow! I LOVE this processing!!!!.-= martie´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Raven in Contemplation =-.

  22. Awesome process job Elain, looks like I can eat it!! I love that color you chose. Looks to me like a giant candy apple or something..-= John Masters´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Dr Shady =-.

  23. Pink! Nice composition..-= Turnbill´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>katahdin view =-.

  24. faaabulous psychedelic color and processing!!! i agree with Ginnie — this does look like some tripped-out candy!! eye candy to be sure!! 😉 kisses to you!!! 🙂 xxxxx.-= dj.tigersprout´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>black shoes & white roses =-.

  25. Incredible colors! Love the processing and framing..-= Andy´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Haunted Dreams =-.

  26. What a psychedelic truck…. funny!!

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