You are Born with it…


Happy between snowman and daddy…

17 comments on “You are Born with it…”

  1. nice look of the dog portrait. The doggie is suspecting something… =]

  2. very inspirational title.. reminds me of bruiser in ‘legally blonde’ ;D nice shot.. 🙂

  3. She looks very trusting and friendly… Looks like she wants something too…Nice processing

  4. hello. i’m hungry. i want food in my dish.all you have to do is wink, and i’ll follow you to the kitchen. i’ll dance;if you whisper, i’ll dance in circles,my manicured toes ticking happily on the floor.

  5. que c’est joli

  6. Great doggie portrait, angry because is not so handsome photographed from the left :D. Beautiful precessing! Excellent work!

  7. processing* 🙂

  8. something has caught her attention that look is sooo cute 🙂

  9. Gotta love those eyes..and those teeny little ears sticking out are just too cute!!!

  10. With big superb ears ? Eyes ? Luck to live with Elaine and Mister ? Love her expression ! So tender*

  11. You are born with her beauty? I’m guessing she would believe so. She’s thinking. I can see it in her eyes.

  12. It’s a funny dog !!! it looks like a “gremlin” !!!

  13. Hahaha. lol @ the comment about the dog looking like a gremlin.

  14. all the paintings and poems are mine … thanks for your visit …

  15. wellcome puppie – very nice processing and image

  16. Yeah she’s got it, that look, the one that has us all twisted round her finger 😉

  17. ohhhhhhh….what a sweetie. she has that look! Adorable Elaine. I also like your new look.

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