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  1. She’s such a little lady. She knows exactly what you were doing too. I see that eye peeking.

  2. your new webpage design is gorgeous, elaine!!! i think coco is never going to come out from under the covers. some days i feel like that too.maybe put on a good movie.

  3. oh oh. you still have a "bug" elaine.when i followed the link from sherri’s post (first comment) to her website, i got this error message:Comment left by ‘sherri’This item was posted by an anonymous author, meaning that he or she does not have a personal account with this website.Website (URL): http://www.pearweed.netwah wah.

  4. under the covers ….well it’s week end ;-)have a lazy but beautiful one !bisous

  5. The donkey is to big to stay like under the covers!The Princess tries perhaps to keep the warm for her mistress?

  6. He looks so cozy and warm. My pup does the same thing….loves to be under those covers!!! Such a sweet..sweet image!!!

  7. Great shot, when i look this image I want to sleep to, is so good! 🙂 Cool new webpage design!

  8. Definitely so cute and adorable. Like the pile of coverings, she looks so very comfortable. Beautiful shot. Great re-design of your site Elaine, never know what to expect when I visit, always trying something new and interesting.

  9. She looks a bit bored.. maybe shes trying to take a nap… How is your new bed by the way?

  10. definitely, the larger gallery. i don’t have to put nose-smudge marks on my computer screen to see your awesome photographs.you’d think at night, while i’m wandering inside my dreams, a school of slugs held class on my glass. but no. it’s me peering nose ahead.

  11. with today’s rainy weather here, that’s exactly what i’m feeling right now.. 🙂 cute shot.. 😀

  12. Aww! Beautiful shot! Love the detail in the folds of the blanket and how they’re mirrored in Coco’s fur.

  13. as usual so cute and lovely!

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