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  1. the music goes perfectly with the beautiful fern.they say music is a universal language, but one time in new york i heard some middle eastern music that sounded discordant to my ears.but ferns! ferns are a perfectly good universal language- everyone understands a fern.unhappy people that didn’t get enough ferns in their development years, they grow up like cacti, prickly and starved for nourishment.

  2. Ei! Elaine, very nice this composition…. it seem like a texture, or some aquatic plants!!And I like also this "monkey band", LOL!! Very cool the new theme of your photoblogCheers!!x.

  3. I had some curtains back in the seventies just like this, as I recall……. No, I’m just kidding. Actually the curtains had acorns on them as well and some burn marks from my ganja spliffs, but that’s another story.This is beautifully presented E, creative and pleasing to my eyes. Hope you’ve had a nice weekend

  4. Wow. There’s music in this blog too!! cool. Interesting subject btw. I like the mood & the softness too. You should hang this one on the wall. I mean, the real one. 🙂

  5. Hey this is very cool – I love the color. I like your new site Elaine, been tooling around in it and its pretty smooth. Now maybe you will stick with this one for a while 😉 or not if you so choose haha –

  6. A hell of a still life. Clear & cold. Beautiful & moving. A meditation & a terrific arrangement. Running out of words so I just say: Great & hats off, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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