giddy up

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13 comments on “giddy up”

  1. My RSS feed came straight here without me doing anything. That’s actually a very menacing horse with those dead, black eyes. Cool duality.

  2. It looks like it is fighting against the reins. The shot has the feeling of movement.

  3. a beautiful abstract of this horsey! =]

  4. does have movement feel! Also, I like the warm glow to image..

  5. This special pinkish tone you found is really creative, love it !

  6. Man! It took me forever to find your site, Elaine. All the links I had to you came up as a failure. BUT I Googled for you and VOILA. There you were…or here you are. I love the close-up crop…and the slight blur. Kudos to you.

  7. I like all the 4 last posts – great colors and processing – I love the puppie at the bed

  8. "If I had a boat / I’d go out on the ocean / And if I had a pony / I’d ride him on my boat" (Lyle Lovett)Simply great, Elaine. Close ups can’t hardly get any better than this. In fact they can only get better when masterly composed by the beloved Elaine. Great photograph, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. oo looks kinda scary! Like one of the horses from the Lord of the Rings! 🙂

  10. nice processing :p

  11. something about this makes it seem like it’s screaming.. great catch.. 🙂

  12. "we should take him," the bishop said to the king;"i’ll have one of the pawns take him down from the carousel.""and i’ll confer knighthood upon this magnificant beast," said the king."i object," said the rook, "he’s much too big for his square."but the queen stood next to the beast, "his jewels match mine."and so the king castled, and the kingdom was saved.

  13. I loce my cousin!

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