14 comments on “Bugs!!”

  1. A variety of Evie gurls!:-)

  2. How’d you get photos of my space age bachelor pad?

  3. Nice find! Makes me think of Andy Warhol. I like the bugs a lot!

  4. haha..when I read the tit;e//I thought I would see some bugs!!! These are rather cute ones;)

  5. This car is one of the only acr which seems to always smile!

  6. Quite cute. Cool art!

  7. What is it about bugs! They are so cute. I love them, Elaine. 🙂

  8. brilliant colors on each beetle here! =]

  9. Good eye to spot that one.

  10. excellent title, colors, images and lighting

  11. Very Warholesque

  12. love the colours!

  13. perfect decor for the lamp and wall.hunters have thinned the herd of volkswagon bugsalmost to the point of extinction.

  14. gotta love the bug!!!

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