Kickin’ Back


9 comments on “Kickin’ Back”

  1. Nice portrait ! Your new site don’t accept my URL.

  2. i should be kickin’ back too. i’ve been sitting in workshop for hours, trying to get inspiration for making today’s comic. it’s not going to happen. keeping an open mind only lets the air out.

  3. If i had a long feather i would play with your nose ! ;))))))

  4. Wonderful close-up portrait. Love how he’s looking right at you with his soft eyes!!

  5. He looks

  6. Totally like me… Have a nice week end!

  7. haha…what a close up! what an impression! He makes me smile;)

  8. I love hands – studying them..photographing them..examining them. They hold so many stories in them. Wonderful image!!!

  9. Fantanstic!!

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