Hands on the Table


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  1. When I read the title I thought it was a metaphor only..haha..double the impact..I am listening;)

  2. have you ever watched those street performers who hide a little ball under a cup? then they mix the cups, and you have to "guess" which cup has the ball? you follow the cup with the ball very closely, and you’re *sure* you know where the ball is, but it’s never there. they use misdirection to fool you. I think they might even cup the ball in their palms, so you’ll never find it even if you "guess" correctly. it’s a scam and everybody knows it– just don’t bet $20 that you can pick the cup with the ball under it. or consider the money a tip for being entertained.

  3. A beautiful photographic quality photo and beautiful tone, good detail, bravo!

  4. It feels like I’m tied to a chair with this guy sitting in front of me at the table. He’s waiting for Mr Big to give him the signal before he mashes my head with those fists unless I spill the beans and tell him where I hid the bank job cash…… Bugger, the truth is I spent it on camera gear!! Is now a good time to tell him I’m allergic to violence?

  5. Elaine… I love your photography…. fantastic. I am going to follow your site!!!!

  6. Wouaw! I think he is waiting for some explanations!

  7. Extra work Elaine. I like the details and colours.

  8. This one rocks, Elaine! Nothing better than some fine hands captured by the one & only Elaine. Great piece of work & I must confess I can’t resist a great perspective & close up. Love it, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. very nice detail

  10. That is a very very cool shot.

  11. The hands seem bigger than life, like how you photographed them in the foreground to create that impression. Excellent powerful composition Elaine.

  12. Hands say a lot about your life and who you are, so they’re sure to be a very interesting subject for a photo.Beautiful, Elaine. Well done.I always enjoy visiting your blog. That is why I give you my vote 🙂

  13. this image would look great on a poker-themed site.. 🙂 wonderful shot.. 🙂

  14. Great shot. Reminds me of a penitentiary visitors’ area.

  15. Hey lady…this is very touching. Hands speak without words. I really do like this photograph.

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