20 thoughts on “coco revisited

  1. hehe…he looks kind of like a rabbit or something from that angle. Nice shot. I actually think I know how he feels and what he’s thinking looking out that window.

  2. i’m sorry you feel like an ember away from the flame.feeling isolated means you don’t feel valued or appreciated.but elaine, those of us blessed enough to peek into your life via your photos are drawn to that flame, that beautiful emberthat is you. you’re not alone; i know for a fact that you haveat least three adult friends- four! i almost forgot to count coco-just from the photos you share. an interesting thought iswe take pictures of things that interest us, which meansthings/objects/situations which engage us emotionally.there’s a lot of good, strong "fire" in your photography.

  3. That’s the biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen, E! Lovely treatment on this works so beautifully….. hold on a moment, did I just say something sensible!!! Rats…..

  4. Elaine this is a wonderful post, the picture is beautiful, that soft light you use is so special.Seraphine is right…..and I think that video of the monkeys is funny crazy..I will write you soon!!!

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