The City Shines


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  1. These things always remind me of the Transformers or GoBots!

  2. i’m sick. i have bronchitis. i’ve been tired all week,i figured something was up. i’m going to bed.i’ll probably sleep all week.big power lines make me nervous. sometimes when it is quiet,the lines make a humming sound. it wouldn’t suprise me theycause nervousness or psychosis or cancer or something.if you stick those lines in the ground, even the wormswill come to the surface to get away from them. huzza.

  3. My poor neck!Very nice impression!

  4. Like a giant Lady in the Blue – superb POV and hues !

  5. Nice contrast between the sophisticated complexity of the power lines and sweet innocence of the clear blue sky. As always – love the textures!!!

  6. I love how you play with colour

  7. Yeah, early transformers with really wide shoulders, they’ve always reminded me of something and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! I love the blue here, it takes me back to childhood somehow, long summer days and Kodak film, it just has that feel to it. Cool stuff my friend! BTW not heard a word 🙁

  8. yikes.. yep, i guess you should just take a break there for the meantime.. 🙂 haven’t been close enough to hear the buzz coming from these giant electrical poles but i’ll take your word for it and stay clear of them.. 😀

  9. The bizarre colours and grungy edges are beautiful.

  10. My kind of shot, very cool. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Such big ole ugly things, and yet they are always so photogenic, the world over. As always your processing skills are terrific here, E.

  12. Hope you feel better!

  13. Ah..very nice. I too like to capture these wires and towers. You cannot seem to exscape them anymore no matter where you are. Very nice!

  14. Hope you’re feeling better. Love the shot. Great texture overlay. They say on those ghost shows that these things make you think you’re seeing ghosts. Not sure if I believe that.

  15. great textures, havent seen poles like this all lined up together. nice!

  16. i love the processing on this. very nice 🙂

  17. I’ve heard power lines like the small ones I capture buzz. Not to worry, we probably just get brain damage:-) I seriously like your capture and the processing is ideal for it.

  18. Can’t do anything against it: Love it! That is my kind of minimalism. You never, never fail to tease me & ease my wandering mind, Elaine. Love it, love it & love it! Great & amazing! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  19. Reminds me of the Erector Set I had as a kid. Love the processing, it adds a nice extra dimension to the photo. I also like the detail you’ve captured, especially the cell antennas on top of the powerline. It’s a brain cancer two for one special!

  20. I like power lines. They are very cool with all the symmetrical lines. You did a really nice job here Elaine.

  21. Very cool. I hope you don’t live under this thing.

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