Aliens in the Sky


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  1. A world in blue…

  2. great blue tones and tree gilhouette

  3. Gorgeous winter sky. WOW!

  4. Ah yes the contrails left by a giant dragon as she makes her way across the blue sky….. Nicely captured, E.

  5. Beautiful photographs, good works, really successful.

  6. You redesign your site more than anyone I’ve ever seen! I like it, though.The photo…this is a great one. Very, very cool Elaine. That’s some deep blue.

  7. i love the blue tones you’ve got here elaine!

  8. this gives me the blues…. in a good way

  9. I did not believe in aliens but pictures don’t lie.

  10. I am running out of things to say about your marvelous use of colour. Glorious. And the composition really works.

  11. love the blues in this capture of yours.. nice shot! 😀

  12. wow … look at those blue tones! nice

  13. Cool shot Elaine, really like those street lights, does look like an alien invasion or SciFi scene. Beautiful sky with gorgeous blue colors. Excellent job on this one Elaine.

  14. You’ve painted the sky for us. That’s great, Elaine. And what a mindblowing perspective. These lamp poles and the tree dirve me crazy. It’s like arms reaching for the sky. Brilliant photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  15. Sure sometimes in our cities we could have some some strange question in mind… What is really "our worl"? Trees or street lamp?

  16. lovely blues!

  17. Love that super tasty blue to the left. And the flying saucer lamps are a nice touch.

  18. the sky is so cool in this pic with a beautiful tone and good composition!

  19. Wow that is a fantastic blue color you got out of the sky. This is awesome Elaine and the only thing missing is a kite 😉

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