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  1. I bet 10 bucks that you or your husband was about to give her a treat. Cute.

  2. coco’s myspace profilebody type: 9.3 inches tall, 9.3 inches wide and 28 inches longinterests: table treats, warm blankets, sleepingmusic: three dog night, who lets the dogs outmovies: dog day afternoon, 1001 dalmations, lady and the tramp, cujolooking for: canine companion

  3. like you once said, great minds think alike."Who I’d like to meet: the tramp, from lady and the tramp."why doesn’t that surprise me?

  4. looks like seraphine got her myspace profile all covered.. 😀 nice shot.. 🙂

  5. You have an amazing dog ! He seems to be very intelligent !

  6. Right profile, left profile, they are both perfects! 🙂 Great shot ! Bravooo Elaine

  7. Hello Coco (superb tones, cute face up !), i have a little buddy for you in jumpsuit at my place 😉

  8. Always so sweet. Love the expression you captured here!!!

  9. How could we resist to such a tender questionning look?

  10. A very nice photo, a very good portrait and successful, bravo!

  11. What a beautiful face and portrait, E…… (and the puppy’s quite nice as well!). I’m such a softy when it comes to cats and dogs, preferring them and the animal kingdom to mankind most of the time. A lovely shot and processing

  12. Any photographs of that ‘pnk’ hair, E?

  13. nice catch light in the eye! he is such a cutie!

  14. She looks so soft in this…and so vulnerable.

  15. great expression from the pup, nice mood!

  16. very cute fellow – nice processing

  17. A great looking dog! such a nice expression. I really like the treatment here. quite beautiful!

  18. Well you know how much I love this photo (profile pic) .. gonna frame it on my wall one of these days (Wall in my house, not facebook :D)

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