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  1. Hi Elaine! We are getting ready for the big snow here;) This image here makes me reminensce. It has that "dated" feel not only in treatemnt but how you captured the sign. I like it!!

  2. construction ahead, it’s rainingstrange freeway /mother of blood/you have to be in a specific exit lane but the signs don’t tell you until its too lateand /whory truckers/ nobody wants to let you in /i hope you die/next turnoff 23 miles, no services, no foodno gas /freak/ i’m out of gas /double freak/orange cones, fresh oil, and it’s getting darkyield to oncoming traffic /go to hell/no stopping, narrow shoulders

  3. I’m not passing thru without leaving a comment on this beauty. Life’s paths are winding right now for me & I glad I got your inspirational beauties to stop by & get my soul healed again. You really know how to make my days. What a brilliant perpsective & an even greater photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Nice and bleak. Makes me think of New Jersey and the big vats of chemicals that they make processed food from. Also, I like how this goes with your power line shot from a few posts back.

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