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  1. Like the title….makes one think they shouldn’t just pass thru life…

  2. Good shot. Looks like a still from the opening of The Sopranos!

  3. Hi Elaine! We are getting ready for the big snow here;) This image here makes me reminensce. It has that "dated" feel not only in treatemnt but how you captured the sign. I like it!!

  4. construction ahead, it’s rainingstrange freeway /mother of blood/you have to be in a specific exit lane but the signs don’t tell you until its too lateand /whory truckers/ nobody wants to let you in /i hope you die/next turnoff 23 miles, no services, no foodno gas /freak/ i’m out of gas /double freak/orange cones, fresh oil, and it’s getting darkyield to oncoming traffic /go to hell/no stopping, narrow shoulders

  5. un joli traitement des couleurs que voila !

  6. Awesome shot, love the point of view!

  7. But they don’t say Thru to where……! It could be the end of the line :0

  8. If it weren’t for the thru streets, Elaine, I wonder where we’d all be today?! 🙂

  9. When things are so clear… it’s true that the donkey doesn’t like traffic so much!

  10. This is for crows & sparrows, correct ? 😉 Cool detail, we fly through !

  11. Wonderful winter color and composition. Nice!!!

  12. Awesome winter image, Elaine

  13. looks like a movie image – I like it

  14. Super angle and the windshield reflections actually add. I never get driving shots because I am always the one driving.

  15. Nice vintage feel!

  16. Fantastic shot! It reminds me of a summer road trip!! Love those!

  17. love the vintage processing here.. nice capture.. 🙂

  18. Very cool upwards looking shot, as usual nice processing too.

  19. I’m not passing thru without leaving a comment on this beauty. Life’s paths are winding right now for me & I glad I got your inspirational beauties to stop by & get my soul healed again. You really know how to make my days. What a brilliant perpsective & an even greater photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  20. this is brilliant. love the tones and the 70’s feel.

  21. original.

  22. Nice and bleak. Makes me think of New Jersey and the big vats of chemicals that they make processed food from. Also, I like how this goes with your power line shot from a few posts back.

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