Spring Flower Memory


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  1. It looks like there’s a hint of double exposure. Always a little something more than normal. Good goin’.

  2. there’s a rhododendron park about 90 minutes north of san francisco, near the mouth of the russian river. the thing is, when it is in bloom, it is most beautiful. but the plants bloom once a year for only a few weeks, and then the show is over. you have to be quick, before the weathergets too warm. i think may. (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=448)

  3. Beautiful flowers, love the details on the leaves, nice one!

  4. Wait. Are these azaleas, Elaine? Oh my. Memories of Georgia. Sigh. They’re BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Am enjoying this little stroll down memory lane. Love the spring color in this!!!

  6. Soon, soon…. I hope!Have a nice week end Elaine!

  7. very nice! nice processing …. would make a nice image on a Valentines day card 😛

  8. Nature sure knows how to put together colour combinations. This is gorgeous.

  9. Elaine,GREAT photo. We are under 12 inches of snow here so it was nice to see. :-)Really enjoyed your comment on my blog post. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel the same way. I still go because I think it’s important there are more people like you and me there to open eyes. It is hard though. It’s great to get in touch with you! Sorry it took me so long. Work has been busy because of all the snow storms. 🙂

  10. very beautiful flowers for a lady like you

  11. Form a beautiful flower, and the intense amaranth … A beautiful, especially when the window snow, cold, gray and ugly … I thank you Elaine for the smile in the middle of Polish winter:)

  12. i can sense that spring is on its way. let it come minus the allergies. great macro here!

  13. Thank You! Love the colors, contrast. I can almost smell summer looking at this.

  14. beautiful color!!!!

  15. memories that’ll soon be replaced by new ones.. a few more months.. a few more.. 😉

  16. Very pretty colors here Elaine and I love the way you framed it 😉

  17. Beautifully presented, Elaine. More snow here, more yukkie cold weather….arrggghhhh!

  18. such a rich pink!

  19. I missed this one. It’s gorgeous!

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