Coco the Clown

Coco died last night and since i’m posted a couple months ahead, pictures will be bittersweet

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  1. Does she have an outfit for every occasion?:-)

  2. she looks tiny still. i bet she was funny in her clown outfit, with or without the hat.(dogs don’t really like hats. i think it interferes with their reception, like humans wearing tin foil).i’ve been thinking of you all day. sending you best wishes as i wander off towards bed.

  3. Wow. The catchlight / ringlight in her eyes are amazing. Interesting point of view. (Anyway regarding to your question, I wish they were mine) 🙂

  4. Kinda like my little girl at Carnival, Elaine….she finally just took it off! BTW, did I read something about one of your dogs (if you have more than one, that is?)?

  5. Oh my friend, my hearts is full of sadness for you today, she’s so beautifull and I’m so sorry. I’m going to go now because I’m finding it hard not to cry 🙁 xxx

  6. So sweet. Am hoping these pix of coco make it easier to remember…Thinking of you..

  7. Coco is really a star 🙂 nice outfit and expression , and next time with the hat ? 😉 Have a beautiful day. Kiss kiss

  8. Oh i’d love to be in the audience ! Coco Circus at its best ! (super attitude & cute eyes 😉

  9. Oh i didn’t see the little line in the caption under the photo :((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Excuse-me….I think of you, Elaine, sincerly. Peace for the sweetie*

  10. Oupppps sorry , i didnt read your words under the pic (((( sorry dear Elaine…sorry, forgive me for my first comment. All my thoughs for you after this bad bed bed news (

  11. I am so sad for you, Elaine. This is a beautiful tribute to Coco.

  12. Elaine…..I am so sorry for this loss. I am happy that the pain and suffering is over for Coco. In time, you will heal, but you will ALWAYS have the memories ….xxx

  13. I’m sorry to hear the loss. Rest in peace cute little doggie. :-p

  14. I’m so sorry for the hurt you’re experiencing. She was a precious baby.

  15. Very sweet tribute..I think I said that right:) Hugs!!!

  16. So sorry to hear about your loss, it may not be a comfort, but she is in a better place now with no more suffering… as hard it may be for the ones left behind, think of that.

  17. What a gorgeous little star she is 🙂

  18. very nice portrait and processing of this scary wild animal

  19. So sorry to hear about little Coco, Elaine. I hope she went peacefully. This photo is a lovely tribute to her. She seemed to be a wonderful and easy going dog.

  20. bed news … but this is a beautiful tribute to Coco.Good luck Elaine!

  21. I know that loss – so sorry to hear this news

  22. Sorry to hear about coco.

  23. so very sorry, Elaine. That is the worst thing to happen. My thoughts are with you….

  24. oh my.. this is such a shock.. i was so fond of seeing her in here too.. *sigh* she looks so cute here too.. 🙁

  25. Coco always looks good in pictures and makes me smile!

  26. this is so cool and funny!

  27. The donkey is sincerely sad!It’s not a good new for him…

  28. Bummer about Coco, I’m sorry to hear she passed. I love that strange toy camera like focus in the photo.

  29. Sorry for your loss, lovely tribute.

  30. Oh thats so sad Elaine its always very sad to lose a pet! I have enjoyed the photos of Coco! One thing I know for sure though based on your photos is she had a very happy life with you!

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