New Doggie

This is Sparticus, our new mini schnauzer, he’s mixed with some kind of terrier, but we don’t know what, and besides he looks all mini schnauzer to me, so mini schnauzer it is 🙂 isn’t he adorable? he hasn’t destroyed anything in the house, but seems to be quite unhappy about his old master not being here, but he’s chewing on one of coco’s old leather bones and when he’s doing that is quite occupied… he also lays in coco’s old bed a bit, but i don’t think he knows it coz his huge blanket is covering it… anyway, i’m quite falling in love with him 🙂

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  1. What a sweet shot of him, he is so cute, and what a cool name 🙂

  2. Adorably slightly disheveled.

  3. Very cute puppy; I’ll bet he likes to play play play.

  4. lovely and a grand welcome for him!

  5. He’s very sweet and I’m sure his sniffing skills have already informed him about Coco. It’s sure to be a comfort to him knowing you loved her so much and a joy to her that you’ve given him a loving home.

  6. He’s so cute. I see that he likes the camera too!

  7. Welcome to your new home, cute adorable puppy. I know Elaine will treat you well. 🙂

  8. Welcome Sparticus!! You’re making your new mom very very happy!! 🙂

  9. woooowwww…:) wonderful puppy!!

  10. good luck with the little dude!

  11. Very cute dog!

  12. Great your last pictures Elaine … ! Well then … he is too good-looking! 🙂 Bravoooo !

  13. aww.. he’s really cute.. a yorky perhaps? i do like his name too.. he reminds me of a blueberry.. 😀

  14. i think sparticus is cute as a button. well, as cute as a button can be, but… cuter.i hope he brings much joy to your life an i’ll look forward to seeing lots of photosof sparticus living the good life with you– and worming his way into your heart.

  15. it’s hard on poor sparticus. he’s in an unfamiliar place, and he’s grieving his former will take some time for him to get used to you. you can help each other’s hearts heal.

  16. He’s very pretty. Looks full blooded to me. So how did you and him find each other?

  17. one rule that nobody follows but should:never make important decisions when emotional.

  18. OMG. How could you not fall in love with him! Hopefully your "emotional decision" was made before the foundations of the world!

  19. greaaaaaaaaaaaat , welcome to the new cute Puppy ! you will get lot of love from Elaine , have no doubt , small dog ;)Wouf wouf

  20. A new donkey friend!

  21. What a cute little face… 🙂

  22. He is cute:) A Welcome to the new member to your family!

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