Pants Purse

One of my many crazy purses…

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  1. Very cute. I had to read your description before I realized it wasn’t a pair of jeans. I was wondering how you had propped them up…lol at me.

  2. A purse that you can wear 🙂

  3. I tried a pants purse but struggled to get my legs through the middle, and they had forgotten to make holes there, so in the end I opted for a ‘fag bag’ which is a giant cigarette packet sculped for the same purpose. I fit inside nicely with eyelets in the top pop up lid, and there’s room for al of my necessities.Of course in the USA, I guess a ‘fag’ bag might mean something entirely different….. oooer

  4. very original bag….for a panther ? :-)have a very sweet week endAnd why many pics ? and why not ? lolBecause i can’t come everyday since 2 weeks, just for that. KIsses

  5. Ain’t got no body……….:) I really like this and the way you’ve processed it, my wife would love the bag too I suspect but she has like 100’s! Me? I’ve a nice trendy leather man bag don’t ya know ;O)

  6. Hee hee, those are not mine 😉 Funny one

  7. Such fun!!! Did you make this???

  8. great accesoire and greater image

  9. LOL!!! Great idea and perfect processing Elaine!

  10. What a cool idea for a bag, so cool

  11. lol! i had a similar backpack when i was in high skool.. not with leopard spots though.. ;P good catch.. 😀

  12. This is an idea I’m going to have to work on. Most cool.

  13. lol! that is really funny. i like it!!

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