18 thoughts on “The Shore Lineup

  1. Beautiful image Elaine, love the abstract feel to it, along with the stunning colors. Like your creative effect with the light and dark contrasts here. Fantastic work!

  2. it doesn’t look real. an origami bird of paradise would have helped.perhaps a nest of bees, located so terribly where i want to sitnext to the snake. or apples, apples are convincing, apples alwayslook real, even the ones made of wax, bobbing on the open sealike those glass floats from japanese boats, loosened fromfishing nets during winter storms. i want to sit on the beach.

  3. Good morning Elaine, it is always a delight to see your blog, 🙁 I know I am only visiting once a week, but that does not mean I don’t want to…….The picture of the leaf is great too and the chair on the porch is an invitation to sit and relax and wait for spring with all its delights with it.I do hope you are doing okay.

  4. HA! Astrid and I are tracking each other, I see. 😀 We were just talking about how you have a definite "signiture" to your photo processing. Very YOU, which we both like.

  5. That is a terrific shot, Elaine. Reminds me of some paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. Beautiful & scaring because of this underwater feel at the same time. And your colours make me wanna go crazy. What a ride, sweetheart. So long and thanks for all the fish, Fritsch.

  6. it’s called stream of UNconsciousness, which takes a certain genius to understand,or at least genus, not genus like ‘specie’ genus, but mathematical genus, which groupsrelated organisms together (homomorphism: one group maps the activity of another; ratherlike marriage, or perhaps a dog owner over time beginning to look like the dog. a genustherefore preserves its inverse, its preimage, so that homo or not, its character is preserved even while the *group* operation is preserved.) in other words, babble, babble, babble… if it bothers you, sanity is my preimage, my inverse; sanity maps the activity of my mind. i can be sane.

  7. Awesome Elaine!!! How long did this one take? I know it would have taken me about a year or two especially if it was done with Photoshop 😉 Love the colors.

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