Blue and Dead

12 comments on “Blue and Dead”

  1. Very good, good color, really pretty catch, good day with you.Elaine

  2. They look like green dustfeathers. What great color!!!

  3. Excellent colored and texture.Bravo.

  4. There’s something very homey about vegetables and herbs hanging to dry, Elaine.

  5. cool range of bluey greens

  6. excellent greens and a very interesting mood – hava a nice sunday

  7. That is sooooo cool.

  8. i’m reminded of broomsticks when i see this.. 🙂 nice shot.. 🙂

  9. stunning!

  10. Just saw you over at I LOVE PHOTOBLOGS. You go girl!!!!

  11. jolie lumière et belles couleurs.

  12. I like the title and the image but at first w/o reading the title..I thought new life just starting..funny?? The beginning and end:)) Oh..Nice job!

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