Open Road…

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22 comments on “Open Road…”

  1. Dig the sense of motion in this picture… works great in black and white too, well done.

  2. So open there was no one there! Don’t you love driving down roads where it’s like you are the only ones on the earth? Great processing…

  3. why da falafel did they put a fence along that highway?i mean, if you fell off the road, there’s nothing to run over,no cows, no trees, no outcrop of rocks, no old men playing cards and smoking stinky cigars. can you tell i hate fences?

  4. oh i get it now. the fencekeeps the clouds get drifting snow up thereand probably baby sealsreindeer and polar bearscrossing the road. eh?

  5. haha i loved the youtube videos about ‘i am canadian.’i didn’t realize it was a traffic median, because i couldn’tsee the other side of the highway. i guess almost everything makes sense once you can see the other side.about the igloo you live in… does it have a beaver door?

  6. see how observant i am? off in the distance,i can see the other side of the highway. doh!

  7. feels like you are going some where. this image has a strong sense of possibility and opportunity 🙂

  8. i knew it! i knew it! lol

  9. I think I have a new favourite of your work. That is stupendous.

  10. "Highways and dreams forever together / In the minds of the free and the innocent / Always a future in the travelers hands / Startin’ fires on the river of madness" (Son Volt)You know how much I love this outstanding beauty, my dear. My all-time favourite. Love, love, love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  11. What gorgeous cloud formations!! Love how they mimic the shapes of the distant mountains. My day to write again….

  12. Nice ‘on the open road’ shot; I like the horizon clouds. It looks like there’s some debris in the road just ahead of you; I hope it wasn’t a tire puncturer!

  13. Elaine..I love this!!!! Wonderful image..great one!

  14. road trip galore! 😀 great shot.. 🙂

  15. beautiful processing ! the open road to the liberty i hope ? 😉 Your clouds are just amazing !bisous bisous

  16. lovely patch of clouds in the background… so empty here!

  17. I like your travel mood and the b&w image

  18. excellent!

  19. Nice, all that noir makes me think of Lost Highway. And those clouds they are kind of spooky.

  20. Oh yeah, spring has got me itching to travel! Let’s go!

  21. Beautiful shotl! Gotta love the open Road on a spring day!

  22. luv this shot!, nice tone , did you take it from a car

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