Nice n’ cool…

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  1. lovely image! looks like a nice relaxing time in bed 🙂

  2. My first thoughts were cool image then I read your title. Like how you use the light and tones to create the moods in your images Elaine. Interesting and creative work as always.

  3. Excellent image. Love the ffects you have created here.

  4. Now you make me feel going back to bed but i’m just out 😉 Very nice mood, so quiet……………

  5. Ahhhhh. Nice n’ cool and a bit of knuffeling. 🙂

  6. Love the curves in the legs..and how the folds in the comforter reflect that. Dreamy processing..

  7. it has a cool effect with that lighting and processing!

  8. Great processing on this. Oh, that looks so comfy! It’s like Saturday morning when there’s no alarm clock to go off.

  9. fantastic work with the processing and a very nice scenery

  10. This reminds me of "Waking Life."

  11. very surreal and calm.and great calf muscles!

  12. *sigh* i could go for a nap now too.. 🙂 very nice shot.. 🙂

  13. Really, really nice Elaine! And oh, the stories our legs could tell if they could talk. (But wouldn’t they look strange with lips?)

  14. Oh dear! Looks like a crime scene! Very interesting processing.

  15. cool well here!!

  16. Looks relaxing. Great title too!

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