Three’s Company


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  1. Especially when wearing their stripes! This one brought a smile to my lips for sure!

  2. All that fade in the processing really works well with the stuffed animals to give a nice forgotten and abandoned feel.

  3. Which one is NOT like the others! HA! I can see it now. In the end, they’re more alike than not, so there’s a sweet lesson here. Love it, Elaine.

  4. Another great impulse to go back to bed at once and have a sweet nap with this tender gang like when we were lil’kids ;))

  5. you still have your stuffed animals???Sweet!!!!

  6. Such a cute shot, the softness adds quite a cool feel to this makes one want to pick them up and cuddle them

  7. And forgot to say basking in the Champagne pool isnt recommended, part sof it may be OK, but others are literally hot enough to boil an Egg, but there are Hot pools ok for swimming and basking in in the area

  8. This is very cute! It is a good thing my pug Watson isn’t there, because to him baskets full of things can only serve the purpose of holding his own personal toys — they would all be drug out and spread all over the house, until he chose a favorite that he would bring to you for you to throw for him.

  9. Wonderful baby colors for this shot.

  10. cute. i really like the washed out tones of this image 🙂

  11. beautiful theme – I like the colors and the full of light image

  12. very cute and nicely processed!

  13. lol! this is cute.. best buds 4ever.. 😀

  14. well done..loveable!

  15. Having some company gives everyone the possibilty to look in a different direction but being together. That feels so good. You’re looking one way, me I look the other way. The colours begin to fade but we both have all possible colours in our hearts. Thanks for company, thanks for this very cool beauty, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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