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  1. too cute..he is really tucked in there

  2. orange is a great photography color. it feels warm, soft like a cuddle.its a very nice photo, elaine!

  3. I usually take my glasses off to sleep, that seems like it would be kind of uncomfortable with the frame poking into him. Just saying.

  4. So soft and warm, Elaine. It’s perfect!

  5. your poor little brother probably was never the would be funny if it wasn’t so serious sometimes.but all in all, what you experience (and the decisionsyou make or don’t make) is what makes you you.

  6. think of it- two people 800 miles apart staring at their shiny screens.what a wonderful world we live in. except for things like war andsick buildings. one time on an airplane, there was a couple behind usthat were coughing. they were obviously sick. but the plane wasfull so we couldn’t move to another seat. and i wonder if it wouldhave made any difference anyway, since essentially everyone onthe plane was breathing the same recycled air. who knows whatmysterious gasses we were exposed to!

  7. life is cruel. like when you love running and your body betrays day maybe that super physics genius in you will surprise theworld with an anti-gravitation device that will allow anyone to runa marathon. nike would pay a fortune for that. inspiration!

  8. That is a cute shot; that puppy is really cuddled in there!

  9. all that is still in there, maybe one day a random neuron will connectand you’ll surprise yourself. but hey, even if its gone forever, itsstill who you are. i wish i had invented green party streamers (gps).

  10. Wait. Is that the new dog? He looks too small?! And does hubby always sleep with his glasses on? Anyway, cuddles and knuffels. 😀

  11. Slightly blurry cuddles or drowning in the arms of someone who really cares. What a cosy composition, what a warm & soothing atmosphere & what a beautiful photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. Leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling..soft inside and all over. So very sweet!!!

  13. what a lovely shot ! 🙂 cuddly at 200 % ! bisous bisous from France 🙂

  14. Such a cute shot a wonderful warmth to it

  15. a portrait of a tired man resting – nice work(with the EP1 you can do everything you do with your dslr camera – it is a great camera)

  16. that poor puppy is getting crushed … !

  17. well, that’s a nice way to keep yourself warm.. 😀 nice catch!

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