Little Belly Big Belly

I tried to blur this a little so as to not make Paul spew his cornflakes

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  1. sweet. they are in tune together.a full tummy is a contented tummy.

  2. How adorable, and how sensitive the blurry caress…..

  3. It’s actually priceless, Elaine! What a memory.

  4. These are making me sad…just thinking that your sweet pup is no longer with you. So great that you have these pix as memories!!!

  5. Another ohhh so cute shot and I think the cornflakes will be safe

  6. A sweet memory

  7. The love shared is obvious in this picture. Inseparable buddies.

  8. a very cute moment – great processing

  9. lol, they do have similar poses too.. đŸ˜€ nice catch! đŸ˜€

  10. so lovely… cool processing Elaine!

  11. This is cute. I like it. Also, I wish I was sleeping right now.

  12. Oh no Elaine!:)) Too funny..I can see he is very tolerant with your experiements! What a good guy!

  13. l’humour, les bons cadrages, le travail de post traitement produisent sur ce blog des images vraiment très intĂ©ressantes. Cette image m’a fait sourire tout en montrant beaucoup d’Ă©motion

  14. there are 13 comments here, so i thoughti’d supply the 14th for good luck.

  15. it’s great how their heads are tilted the same direction. đŸ˜‰

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