Hwy to Blvd

They changed our Hwy to a Blvd, guess they are hoping people will be fooled that our hwy now will look like this…

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  1. i’m fooled. it looks more like a boulevard than a highway.highways have lines down the middle, and signs that saylast chance. nobody takes signs on a boulevard asseriously a highway signs.

  2. LOL. i love how you think a picture of a *street* is somehow more interesting to behold than a picture of someone "sweeter than bee pollen."and i know what you mean about having to turn left because somebody stupid thought to put a divider in the middle of the road. it’s the same at my hairdressers; i have to turn left then make a u-turn two blocks down which is more dangerous than being able to go where i want to go in the first place. the only thing worse than u-turns are speed bumps.

  3. It does make you wonder…. This shot and processing is so dreamy – a light mist or fog and not a soul in sight. Love it!

  4. I like boulevards better anyway. One city I lived in had a street named "Who-who lane". It stayed that name for many years, and everybody liked it. Then one day the city council decided to change the name to "Eddy lane" in honor of somebody who helped shape the early history of the town. Now nobody likes the street anymore, and the house values have plummeted. Ok, maybe they haven’t plummeted any more than other streets in the town, but the story is more dramatic if I stop it without saying that.

  5. I love you street shots. This is terrific.

  6. Splendid photographic realization, congratulation.

  7. You hit me again, Elaine. Knocked me off my feet. This ain’t no photograph, this is a monument. What a mighty fine piece of imagery. Again speechless: Elaine, this is damn great! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. Makes me think of walking around in a daze…perhaps after a night of heavy drinking.

  9. that’s a nice hazy look.. :)yeah, boulevard sounds more pleasant..

  10. Like a stage where something is waiting to happen. Here in Atlanta, we don’t bother spending money on actual stuff to change the streets, we just change the names and hope the problems go away. For example, Stewart Avenue was infamous for drug dealing, child prostitution, and various other sundry illegal activities. City Council changed the name to Metropolitan Parkway and viola, no more crack sales, underage hookers, or shootings! Just kidding, nothing changed except the name. We then proceeded to rename several other streets in the bad sections of town, with the same exact (lack of) result.

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