La Fleur

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  1. Very creative use of layers and textures. Orchids are awesome! I kinda feel like I’m missing out on whats going on each time i see your posts, there must be a theme going on!

  2. cool pic, luv the texture!

  3. Love the texture, and the blown section is perfect, adds quite a bit of interest and focus on the flower.

  4. don’t look now, but your orchid is on fire.i’ve seen the same phenomenon with sunsetsalso there are biblical references to burning bushes.spontaneous combustion of people has been reportedfor centuries, whereby even one’s bones (contrary tothe experience of crematorium burning) are consumed.orchids are one of my favorite flowers (along withdaisies, roses and birds of paradise. i also love therich scent of plumeria). i’ve never had one catch fire.

  5. nice texture and composition.beautiful colored.

  6. Exquisite detail. Love the color and your use of textures. Almost painterly!!!

  7. fantastic piece of work! my wife wants to hang it … !

  8. Very cool orchid, and I like the text overlaid. The blown-out petals look like light bulbs.

  9. love the details here.. that’s one lovely processing! 🙂

  10. I didn’t know la fleur means flower. The character Sawyer in LOST just crossed my mind when I read the title. Beautiful multiple exposures. What language is that from the book?

  11. yelling "spontaneous combustion" in a crowded bar might cause a panic… therefore it is not allowed under the u.s. first amendment (schenck v. u.s., 1919).but then you are in canada so anything and everything is permissible if you don’t litter.

  12. Wow beautiful!! Love the yellow tones and the processing is amazing for this one.

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