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  1. Love how you composed this with just part of the guitar and the groovy texture on the background.

  2. I like this a lot; the background looks almost like a fingerprint. I used to have a yamaha too, but mine was only a 250cc.

  3. So, who is the musician? Excellent composition – the wood in the guitar seems to come to life with an inner glow!

  4. Excellent shot! Love the composition and the texture. Very artistic!

  5. Fabulous composition, tone and texture1 Well done!

  6. love the texture, maybe you’ll post some of you playing!

  7. The motorbike you can play music on ! ;)) Cool angle, dear

  8. Hey…I had one of these guitars when I was a kid!! Wonderful detail!!!

  9. I love guitars and this is a great detail

  10. Great photograph, Elaine! But I must confess: My beloved one is a Gibson. And there’s no way that this will change. Rock’n’Roll is here to stay. Love this beauty, my dear. All the best & keep on rocking, Fritsch.

  11. On a small air of guitar… I like very much this instrument! Love the texture too ! Bravo 🙂

  12. that’s a good brand.. i bet it’s got great tone too.. great capture of it also.. \m/

  13. I had a Yamaha guitar once. Then I took a trip to Pittsburgh and gave it to some girl who I didn’t even really like. I don’t know what came over me.

  14. Do you play the guitar too? Or are you using the guitar as a home decoration? lol. jk. 🙂

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