Stitched Together

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  1. I’m digging the mosaic effect. Gives it a bit of zip!

  2. Cool effect. It reminds me of some of those Martian panoramas. Coco the Martian! πŸ™‚

  3. did i miss something? you said "sorry hun nevermind, oh well whatever nevermind. lol… i was just willing to share my secret with a couple good friends, but i can tell you don’t want it, so forget i said anything" i’m not sure elaine what you mean. what is it you offered that i don’t want? i’m totally confused.

  4. we just got back from 3 days in santa cruz. i think i missed something important that you said to me? i’m sorry elaine. πŸ™

  5. Not sure what it is..but I do love the effect. Very creative!!

  6. nice effect! looks so cool Elaine!

  7. One of the best stitchings I’ve seen, Elaine, in an artistic sort of way. It reminds me of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall and trying to put all the pieces back together again.

  8. groovi little pic, i really like what you’ve done here!

  9. Cool and cute collage.

  10. i know there is a name for this pano/mosaic effect, but it just slips.. dang.. i’m getting old.. πŸ˜€ anyhoo, it’s a wonderful work.. πŸ™‚

  11. Really cool collage!

  12. i really like this effect πŸ™‚

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