Nothing of Note.

10 comments on “Nothing of Note.”

  1. ….but well noted, nonetheless! 🙂

  2. Coco: Awake. Husband: Not clear. I like how the processing gives this a mellow smoothness.

  3. Ohhhh…that cute little doggie!!! I’ll so like to STEAL him from you!!! A lovely image…lovely light and tones!

  4. Another wonderful one showing their intimate and close relationship.

  5. aw cute pic, i like how the wee dog looks at the camera but your husband dos’nt!!

  6. Beautiful colors Elaine. Charming is the mouth of his dog and look to the lens …:)

  7. Your hubby is the BEST sleeper of the WORLD ! he deserve the gold medal of olympic nap 🙂 Beautiful pic , full of tenderness my dearhave a happy week endbisous bisous

  8. Nice softness here. Coco seems very alert here, wondering what you are up to!

  9. she’s just like "people" when sitting down like that.. prolly watching tv, right? 😀

  10. Your understatement doesn’t suit you well. What an amazing study. And I believe it’s the small things that made us happy, made us smile. It’s the small things that are important. At least to me. Great composition, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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