You have my shoulder…

18 comments on “You have my shoulder…”

  1. Is that better than You have my back??? Maybe!

  2. Got a bluebird on my shoulder,but what’s that on my back?—couldn’t resist that!— 🙂

  3. I can almost feel him tremble as he chants, over and over, "please don’t drop me"!

  4. it reminds me of fantasy and D&D. the animal is called your "familiar."i’d love to have a small panther on my shoulder, but instead i havea good angel and a bad angel, both whispering in a different ear.

  5. Ah yes, that old song by the Hollies, ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my doggy’ comes to mind! Nice shot, E

  6. getting your hair colored is so expensive! so yay that you did it yourself.the sleep demons will think you’re somebody else, and leave you alone tonight.

  7. looks like love is in the air here. 😉

  8. Ah this is priceless ! Love the pose, and also the tones, sunny stripes and all, bravo !

  9. Oh..this one is wonderful!! Love the story being told here!!

  10. lol, i don’t wanna be a dog, i wanna be a bird!! nice pic

  11. what a comfortable seat 😀

  12. Great to have a shoulder like that. But I didn’t look like that from behind. Believe me. Great shot, Elaine. And will come back for another shoulder. Shoulders are always needed. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  13. I like the glowing couple and the warm colors

  14. lol. a unique perspective 😉

  15. lol, now that’s one cute moment you captured here.. wonderful shot.. 🙂

  16. Such trust

  17. So cute, sitting on the shoulder like that!

  18. Coco was a trusting sort, wasn’t she?

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