My Right Foot…

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  1. great composition and colors – have a nice week end

  2. Lovely one ! Looks like a lady from the 20’s ! With her lovely velvetesque lil’hat, right out of a silent movie !!!

  3. So timeless. Could be the leg and shoe and foot of a 1920’s glamour girl!!!

  4. Hi! Cute foot:)) I do the same! Sorry a long time..have been busy with my photos. Have a great weekend!

  5. cute shoes.. they look oriental.. 🙂 nice capture.. 😀

  6. your right foot reminds me of a lyric:let’s go where they keep on wearingthose frills and flowers and buttons and bowsrings and things and buttons and bows.or, in your case, buttons and toes.what are you wearing on the wrong foot?

  7. don’t look down and you won’t fall.i never quite understood the logic of that because i like to see where my feet go.if i don’t look down, my feet could be anywheremaybewhere i don’t want to be.don’t be down, elaineits ok to look at your feetright foot, left foot, one before the otherkeep them on the groundand you won’t fall.

  8. Very cool – I like the little dots of light, especially the circle of dots on the ceiling where it looks like you will land!

  9. Still in the house so get your preety little foot out. Let’s go dancing, Elaine. The Lord knows I love to dance. Fly on my sweet bird, fly on. That beauty of yours kept me up all night, waiting on my dance partner desparetly. Great photograph! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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