My iMac, when it was alive..

10 comments on “My iMac, when it was alive..”

  1. very contrasty and gritty, i likes it!!

  2. Does that mean it died on you??Great picture though….and about the picture before…a nice right foot.

  3. The lives of these gadgets can come and go so quickly, Elaine. I hate it! Isn’t anything built to last anymore????

  4. Cool shot

  5. Lucky you to have/had an imac!!! And – love how you framed the image. Such timelessness to the look of the worn keyboard.

  6. That’s why I call myself old school. Depending on the old typewriter is all that counts at the end of the day, my dear. I love your processing. I love your frame. I love this shot, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Nice grainy texture here, with crispness to the focus area. I have friends who swear by their macs, but I never was swayed to the dark (mac) side of the force. I started many years ago building my own PCs, and never got out of the habit. You can’t do that with a mac, so they were never very attractive to me. Haha, I still have a closet in our exercise room with drawers filled with PC parts that I think might be useful, and still often hear the words, "can you take a look at my computer to see why it ". Funny!

  8. i suffer from lack of control too.

  9. Fantastic photo and processing! Since you are posting I assume iMac II has arrived?

  10. such a sleek and pretty keyboard.. 🙂 nicely captured too.. 🙂

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