My Niece the Wookie

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  1. rooohurc whahwooawo ahc rroorcrrwooohuc. rooohu cacoohuanwawh’ao oaraanan acworc ra ohooooorahwo.(cut and paste the above into the wookie de-translator:

  2. Nice, love the perfect lighting on her face, dark enough for a hint of mystery, and also very light for contrast.

  3. LOL at Seraphine. Wookies and Ewoks. Gotta love them to death.

  4. Like a Sarah Moon blur, in smoothy colors – super cute !

  5. Love her smile!! I can see her warmth and personality here..shining thru. (My day – again! – to write..BTW!!)

  6. that close shot with that lovely look has come so good!

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE the treatment on this one. Loveable wookie!

  8. fantastic face and lighting – a very hopeful image

  9. howorcro oahuaowo cacooao ah anahorwo aoacwo akrcoooawoccahwhrr. aoacwo anahaoaoanwo waooaoc aoacraao anooooor anahorwo cacahwhro wwrcwooaoranwoc rarcwo whahoawo. ohacworcwo aoacwo acwooaor ahc oa3akoo ohacwowh ah whwowowa acahsc?(Follow Seraphine’s instructions)

  10. chuoaac rrrcworaao akworccoowhraanahaoro.. cacwo waoowoc anooooor anahorwo ra scahwhah crarhrcahwhra aoacwo ohahaooaac acworcwo.. whahoawo ohoorcor.. 🙂 (Follow Mark’s instructions)

  11. what a cutie. great smile too. 😉

  12. Very creative shot and processing, don’t you just love it when children are not camera shy?

  13. she has a really charming face! nicely captured 😀

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