11 comments on “Sunshine…”

  1. Who is that stranger sleeping with no glasses on? :)Nice processing, as always, and a great cuddle.

  2. =======================================psst, did you notice they have matching navels?=======================================

  3. *giggle* yes, i know that really isn’t coco’s navel. but i thought it sounded better than saying they had matching butts.

  4. Such true love!!!

  5. Ahhh. How romantic and they call it puppy love.

  6. awwwwwww….now that is too cute

  7. Just lovely.

  8. Let us hope that I do not wake him with my keys of the keyboard 😉 A picture full of sweetness! I love it ! Bravoooo dear Elaine 🙂

  9. Wonderful shot, I bet it looks just like that when i sleep because i Work nights and i sleep days…. grrr i miss the sun!

  10. i like the lovey dovey feeling here. exceptional moment captured. 😉

  11. Wonderful how the textures of their bodies mingle together.

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