Sunny Kisses

11 comments on “Sunny Kisses”

  1. Ii it me or does the pillow on the left kinda look like a shark!?! lol, it’s late here in N.I maybe I need some sleep lol!!

  2. I think something went horribly wrong, they’re both awake! Is the world about to end? I like the retro colors here and the dreamy effect from the light.

  3. Such a lovely shot, beautiful light!

  4. Lovely! Your soft-touch processing adds dimension to the feel of this one, Elaine!

  5. Such a wonderful expression of loyalty and affection!!!

  6. Such love in this shot!

  7. I like the light coming from behind – gives a very mysterius mood

  8. This is a really sweet shot – obvious love going both directions here! The lighting is great for the soft processing.

  9. Cute shot, love the interaction caught here =)

  10. that is quite a sweet and touching moment you captured here.. wonderful shot.. 🙂

  11. Ain’t nothing better than to start the day with sunny kisses. Right? And I know what I’m talking about. Thanks for sharing the photographs to my way of living, Elaine. Slighty blurry beauty in the early morning light that makes me feel good, so good. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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