The Electricity Between you and me..

18 comments on “The Electricity Between you and me..”

  1. Oh how I love this one! What a great image and the title is perfect! Are you all a-buzz with this one?? 🙂

  2. bloody love this pic, they sooo look like robots lol love the sense of movement, my fav pic so far 🙂

  3. This is a great image; I love those towers and the impending storm! In those towers I can see people, puppy faces, robots; many different things depending on how I view them.

  4. really like this! it’s like a shot taken from a long drive home… gloomy day seems like!

  5. Let’s just say…it’s electrifying! 😀 I love it, Elaine.

  6. Great lines in this one. Love how you’ve seen and captured such a creative abstract composition.

  7. Super evocative image, i like a lot the movement and the lines crossing with drama

  8. something that no one bothers much! but you have managed to make it look beautiful! cheers!

  9. I’ve had a photo series in mind for a while now – which is to follow the wires from my house back to the generating plant taking photos along the way. This shot would fit in nicely.

  10. Hi Elaine – I love this shot. Anything to do with power lines and such makes me smile. Not sure why but it just does. How have you been?

  11. I love your road images – excellent work

  12. awesome title for this shot.. where are the sparks.. ? ;D

  13. I like how you framed this, along with the sky they seem quite menacing and like they’re marching to attack. Kind of like those AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars.

  14. i like the one with antennae. i just knowthose are for communicating with aliens.

  15. Nice lines! I really dig the vignette here!

  16. wonderful image! Hope all is well with you:))

  17. The electricity between you & me keeps me running all day, my dear. It’ like gasoline in my veins & my breath is pure diesel. Great composition, Elaine, great photograph! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  18. As if they were gigantic monsters, cool!!

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