Sundown, you better take care..

19 comments on “Sundown, you better take care..”

  1. Hey cool colour, feels like something’s about to happen!!

  2. Gorgeous colors and tones in this stunning sunset. Love those dynamic clouds and the dark contrasts around the frame. Beautiful capture Elaine.

  3. Really love that zesty yellow in the clouds. Unusual and interesting.

  4. Elaine, that is a really gorgeous sky photo, and the silhouettes are perfect for it!

  5. a very dramatic-looking skyline.. hopefully it calls for plenty of sunshine and less rain. 😉

  6. I love the sky, gorgeous clouds. Love the blue and yellow tones too.

  7. WOW!! What a spectacularly beautiful moment captured. Gorgeous color!!!

  8. I like the shadows of the clouds’ seething underbelly – very atmospheric, well done!

  9. Amazing sky, colors and silhouette. Great landscape.

  10. The colors are simply amazign what a fantastic shot

  11. fantastic burning sky – a great work

  12. Why should I take care? I find this sky fantastic and moody, not menacing at all…

  13. oh my gosh.. look at the colors you captured here! great catch! 😀

  14. i like clouds you can walk onthough you can’t leave footprints on cloudsyou can lie down and sleep the good sleep(sleep number 29, cumulus)

  15. Rather apocalyptic! Did you tweak the colors?

  16. Hey, this is very nice. 🙂

  17. very cool image, the colours are amazing.

  18. Awesome colors Elaine 😉 – the depth of field is fantastic as well. Hope you have been well. I am slowly starting to get back into checking out my peeps online again. Life got so busy had to cut back. = John

  19. Really intense colors! Really works well in this shot!

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