Nice Doggy…

A doggy resident at a coffee shop in horse shoe bay

10 comments on “Nice Doggy…”

  1. cute pup.. he looks really obedient and affectionate.. 🙂

  2. Indeed. This is one of the poses I love from dogs…when they stay as still as possible, listening to all the sweet nothing you say. 🙂

  3. i love the dog face. and of course, she looks like a wonderful dog.

  4. new puppy dog? beautiful expression

  5. My kind of dog, love this kind of breed – superb tender image & frame !

  6. Sweet! So loving!!!

  7. Cool contrasts and colors on this one. Neat shot!

  8. no, not a sleep number bed. we have a beautyrest. it’s nice, but almost ten years old and you can see the lumps where we sleep now. pretty soon, the bed will envelop us and we’ll disappear. it happens to thousands of people every year. mysterious disappearances. nobody wants to sleep in a person’s bed after they disappear, so they end up in a dump somewhere. but nobody gets hurt because they are sleeping. it’s scientifically called adapting to one’s environment. or cocooning.

  9. What a cutie – it’s obvious he loves the attention! I like the echoes in colors between the floor and shirt, and the shorts and the dog.

  10. She (he?) looks just like my old dog Nell. Nicely captured.

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