It’s like she knew.

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  1. it’s like she knew… she was being held captive. ‘please help,’ she begged, barely able to move even her head. i whispered ‘wiggle your ears and make him sneeze’ which she desperately did using every muscle in her face until: ‘achoo’ said her captor which provided just the momentary distraction to allow her escape.

  2. Really? Another husband & dog photo? You’re killing me! I’m digging the processing and Coco definitely has that get me outta here I’m trapped look!

  3. Coco: "Either let me go or wash that hat! Don’t you humans know how sensitive our noses are? What the… now a gym bag is a pillow too! Aaaaaah, let me out!".Haha, great

  4. i know that too… and they pretty much know each other very well 😉

  5. Adorable sequel with the hat and sweet Coco in sweet treatment

  6. That precious dog DID know she was "loved to death."

  7. Oh..that sweet little face!! I can’t imagine this doesn’t make you sad to be looking at and posting these pix of Coco!

  8. she is interested in something else at the moment!

  9. i love your subjects..theyr so homely and can be connected with anybdy…and as always, compliments to the lovely effects yoo put.cheers!!!

  10. He really loves this little doggie…and you dont seem jealous too:) These are fabulous pictures…love them!!!

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