The Morning After…

When I woke up the morning after the night coco died, hubby was on the couch where he used to snuggle with her, and he had a balled up shirt where coco would normally be, it nearly broke my heart again, and i knew we had to get a new dog but quick, and one that cuddled, and God was with us.

8 comments on “The Morning After…”

  1. Sad. I like how the blue tones add to the feel.

  2. Your description brought tears to my eyes…So hard to lose a beloved dog.

  3. Heartbreaking image & story you share here, Elaine – thank you*

  4. Yes get a new dog quick. We don’t want Him carrying around His Blankie again.

  5. Very sad, but also wonderful that Coco had such a good life and brought so much happiness to you both.

  6. l’heureux homme, qui semble sans soucis !!

  7. This brought tears to my eyes, too, Elaine!

  8. Elaine this is so sad!! It really shows the bond they had though. Its good you got this shot as a reminder.

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