Can you see the bald spot in front of coco’s ear? that’s from hubby kissing her with his stubbled chin, my niece said ‘YOU KISSED HER BALD?????’  I didn’t tell her it wasn’t me lol

17 comments on “Balding..”

  1. Ha! He’s sleeping in his glasses again and with "The Hat".

  2. Perfect symbiosis…man, dog, hat, spectacles…. 🙂

  3. Kissed her bald, lol. Sweet shot by the way.

  4. So many much love!

  5. wow, if he could create baldness with chin stubble think of the possibilities for potato peeling and other such tasks!

  6. Elaine! I love the sleeping portraits … are so natural and charming:)

  7. They definitely look so comfortable, like they don’t have a care in the world. Beautiful capture Elaine, such a lovely and peaceful composition.

  8. LOL!!! I LOVE THIS!! The picture and the incident….just so lovely I am saving it in my VFXY collection!!!

  9. it makes me wonder when even the dog keeps her face as far away from his face as possible.maychance a breath mint before bed would have helped?

  10. p.s. i love the kissy story. there clearly aren’t enough kisses in the worldor we’d all be bald…

  11. it funny how smoking bothers ex-smokers more than it does’s one of those strange-but-true factoids.

  12. how long did coco smoke?

  13. haha. i love your comment about leg kissing.

  14. it’s ok, i’ve licked around the rims of a few booze bottles myself. i understand. i’m off to go watch the finale of this years american idol. we tivo’d it. i want to see it before the result is all over the internet.

  15. Excellent this series "dodo" or "my bed and I " ! 🙂 Really funny and very nicely realized ! I like it ! Bravooo dear Elaine

  16. Oh, such a precious one, and the story behind, priceless ;)))

  17. Hèhè… cool shot !!!Bravo !

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