12 comments on “Closer”

  1. Very, very sweet capture!! Also great processing and mood of this photo! Excellent work Elaine!

  2. So adorable! I like that he’s staring at the camera.

  3. You can see every little hair on his chiney-chin-chin!! So sweet..

  4. A story of hairs of a big tenderness! 🙂 So adorable Elaine !

  5. love the look of being curled up with this furball!

  6. Hard to tell where the dog ends and hubby begins.

  7. Really liking the tasty vintage flavor of those colors. What’s wrong with your dog’s eye? Oh, wait, that’s just your husband’s chin!

  8. Look how cozy they both are. And I know Doggie doesn’t want to move a muscle, lest he disturb the peace. 🙂

  9. oh, lovely! makes me want to kiss him 😀 well done elaine. cheers*

  10. it sounds like you had a bad day yesterday. cuddling up with a puppydog helps.also maybe some hot, hot tea. i hope today is a better experience for you. hugs.

  11. hahahahhaa this picture is fantastic 🙂

  12. this is such a cute pic…and i am loving your new blog header…so sweet!!!

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