The Mask of Zorro

5 comments on “The Mask of Zorro”

  1. That’s a new on – haven’t seen him with the mask on before.

  2. Wonderful light. Of course he needs a mask to sleep!!!

  3. Those were considered cool in the sixties!

  4. hey look! you’re redesigned your webpage again! i love the rose at the top, did you make the design?it looks really clean. i like the white space and elegance.

  5. some people have a design pictured in their mind of how they want certain things to lookand sometimes what they want blinds them to possibilities, viewpoints and beauty they haven’t considered.there isn’t anything wrong with that, not being able to see beyond one’s own nose. i hope notbecause i think i’m that way sometimes, so focused on what i expect that i don’t see what is there.i’m glad you didn’t waste your rose design.

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