Sitting ’round at home..

7 comments on “Sitting ’round at home..”

  1. In this heat that’s the best thing to be doing right now. Great shot Elaine, such a comfortable and relaxing image. Like the effect with the light to create the mood here.

  2. He looks like he’s thinking quite deeply. Maybe about cleaning up his awesomely disorganized desk! Love the faded feel to this, nice work.

  3. couch potato is a funny term. it implies eyes and growing roots, getting lost in the cushionsalong with spare change and unpopped kernals of corn. but of course we all know there is nothing better than a fresh potato– store-bought ones just won’t do…

  4. It looks like he’s listening to some soulful music, Elaine, or is really deep in thought. Maybe he does his best thinking there?

  5. life would be boring without french fries!

  6. Nice – just kickin’ back.

  7. He looks like he’s in the midst of a happy daydream!!! Sweet new blog header…

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