9 comments on “Loooooooove”

  1. Something about the dog’s unusual position made me laugh. I also like how his glasses aren’t quite in the right place.

  2. So warm, fluffy and cuddly! You are a blessed lady!

  3. Darling. A Kodak moment. Now I know why he is often in bed…because of that pillow! 🙂

  4. True happiness!! Nothing like the warmth of a puppy!!

  5. Now i have a question : the dog never ends with the glasses on the nose ? 😉 Adorable hugs – have a great week, the 3 of you, guyz*

  6. now that’s one good way to snuggle.. 😉 nicely captured! 😀

  7. i like how he is hugging the furball!

  8. aww, you took down your rose. but the monkey band is a great header, you’ve used it before.

  9. Looks like they are fighting over the bed! 🙂

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