Trying to Play with Apathetic Dogs

5 comments on “Trying to Play with Apathetic Dogs”

  1. Such wonderful innocent play and fun!!! Love the ethereal glow!!!

  2. LOL, Elaine. Smart dog. If it were here in Holland right now it would be too darn-tootin’ hot to do anything but watch! 🙂

  3. Lol funny composition , everybody have fun there ! Have a nice day , bisous

  4. WOW! great composition great colors and so much fun and smile. Fantastic photo.

  5. Great glow! The title made me laugh; funny how sometimes you really have to work on a dog to get them to want to play. With Watson a little chin lifting and belly rubbing does the trick. With Crinkles it is easier; just feed into her desire to run.

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