7 comments on “Hair”

  1. I like this – a frame full of hair was completely unexpected. And then I noticed the other girl down in the corner. Interesting composition. But it has a funny glow – you really need to move away from the nuclear plant, I’m concerned for your health!

  2. Gorgeous hair. Looks soft as silk!

  3. Wow you got a shot of cousin IT. Cool!

  4. So let your long hair fall down & be a princess. I bet you are. What a terrific frame & gorgeous shot, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. i used to have hair like that. well, except i have dark hair. and my hair is wavy/curly. and it never grew that long.i wish i used to have hair like that. i tried for a while to iron it. i hated my wavy/curly hair. my hair takes forever to dry. i spend a fortune on hair products. now everyone compliments me on my hair.i’ll never have hair like that, though i’d like to. i dyed it blonde once, but my skin was too pale for the color.

  6. mine should’ve been as long as this if it wasn’t so hot.. 😀 nice capture..

  7. Zebra legs are super cool in your original tilted framing here ! Hope you’re okay, Elaine. See you ~ (i’m back 😉

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