My Plant

i had this plant for about 20 years before HUBBY KILLED IT lol  i read a headline in a grocery lineup, 10 houseplants even you can’t kill, and later my mother and i were in a restaurant, and we were sitting beside a bank of plants and i recognized one of them, so i put it in my over sized purse and took it home, and it came everywhere with me for over 20 years… i was so sad when it died…

7 comments on “My Plant”

  1. Sorry it died. This image is beautifully composed and I like the softness.

  2. Awesome story. It never occurred to me to bogart an entire plant, although I have a collection of pint glasses form various august establishments. I love how you have Mr. Einstein in the background looking into the camera and towards the plant, perfect composition.

  3. Amazing that you kept a plant alive for 20 years. I can hardly manage a few short months!! Love the dreaminess of this image!

  4. as i said before! 20 years is really long and nice to know the story associated with it πŸ™‚

  5. what?! 20? That’s like…. insane ΓΆ your plant was older than I am now πŸ™‚ Sorry it died, take care!xx

  6. Cool plant and Einstein. I have never been to a restaurant that gives free plants with a meal.

  7. haha, i’ve done that too, with succulents, if there is a little offshootthat i can pinch off to root at home without it being noticable.i’ve done that with jade plants and coleus. there is an art to it,taking the cutting in such a way that no one would notice.

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