Pretty In Pink

10 comments on “Pretty In Pink”

  1. Aw, don’t you just love that face. She looks so innocent. A lovely photo Elaine, really adorable.

  2. OMG. Look at that precious face and those gorgeous eyes!

  3. She’d be pretty in ANYTHING!

  4. picture perfect!

  5. Lovely portrait. What a sweet smile!!!

  6. Really nice portrait, I like the vintage feel to it. Very nice stuff.Will

  7. she looks so photogenic too.. so cute! 🙂 excellent capture!

  8. The children are as the sailors: where go the eyes, everywhere it is the immense… 🙂 She ‘s so pretty ! Lovely portrait !

  9. Lovely portrait; it really shows off her blue eyes nicely.

  10. this photo is so cute! she looks adorable,and no, she would never hide somethingbehind her back, like an orange she doesn’t want to share.

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